Some programming languages research bloggers you may or may not know about

Over lunch at DSLDI in October, David Darais asked, “Who’s blogging in PL these days?” Our table was able to come up with a few names, but mostly we came up empty-handed. Old-standby blogger ezyang is still at it, but lately he’s mostly been writing about machine learning (a crime I’m also guilty of). Matt Might hasn’t posted since 2015, and he switched fields, anyway. I’m reminded of the time a few years ago when my advisor, Ryan Newton, an MIT graduate, was asked if there were a lot of people at MIT who worked in PL; he said, “There are a lot of people who used to.”

Although everyone listed here is a professional programming languages researcher or student, there’s no guarantee that all or even most of the listed persons’ blog posts will have anything to do with research. That’s okay.

Jeremy Siek is a professor at Indiana Universi

Brent Yorgey

Jean Yang — but not

Michael Greenberg, who works on contracts, software-defined networking, and tracking the flow of ideas through the programming languages literature

Emma Tosch

Andrew Myers

Sarah Chasins

The Gallium group blog