Celebrating five years of this blog, and a change of pace

I started this blog five years ago, in January 2013. At the time, I lived in Bloomington, Indiana and was in the middle of my fifth year of grad school. I had started working on a new project with a new advisor in my fourth year — not exactly a highly recommended approach to finishing a Ph.D. — and I wanted a place to write about what I was working on. I hadn’t managed to get any papers about my project accepted yet, but they couldn’t stop me from blogging, dammit.

The power of blogging with plain old versioned text

Something I really like about my blogging setup here on is that my posts are just plain old version-controlled text files. Years ago, Dave Herman remarked on how nice it is to be able to blog using one’s text editor, and I feel the same way. But there’s so much more to it than just being able to write my posts in my editor of choice. For me, the more important thing is that I can make use of the vast number of tools out there for manipulating text, including and especially versioned text. Because of that, I don’t have to wait for my blogging framework to implement this or that feature. I can just use tools that already exist.