Yet another post telling you to apply to PLMW

Along with Nate Foster and Talia Ringer, I’m organizing the Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop, or PLMW, in conjunction with the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) next month. PLMW is a series of workshops designed to encourage people to pursue careers in programming languages (PL) research. This edition of PLMW will be held on August 23, the day before the main ICFP conference, and we have a wonderful lineup of talks that will inform, enlighten, entertain, and inspire:

There are no duds in this lineup. The entire thing is going to be, as the kids say, 🔥.

PLMW is free, but you need to apply and be accepted in order to participate fully. Fortunately, applying is easy. The deadline to apply is August 8; here’s the application form. You may already be convinced to apply, but if you’re not yet convinced, keep reading!

Twitch plays CSE138

For obvious reasons, this quarter I’m teaching my undergrad distributed systems course, CSE138, to over 100 students remotely instead of in person.

As long as I have to teach remotely, I’d like to make the course more widely available, and as long as we’re all stuck inside for some indefinite period of time, I might as well try to make it fun. So, I’m live-streaming the class on Twitch! Starting tomorrow, April 1, I’m going to be live-streaming my distributed systems lectures at every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:20am Pacific.

Call for talk proposals: !!Con West 2020!

!!Con (pronounced “bang bang con”) West is a radically eclectic, radically affordable conference of ten-minute talks about the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing. If you’ve heard of !!Con, it’s the west-coast version of that! If you haven’t heard of !!Con, that’s okay!

I’m very excited to be part of the team bringing !!Con West to UC Santa Cruz for the second year in a row. !!Con West 2020 will be held February 29-March 1, 2020 (the Leap Day weekend!), and our call for talk proposals is open until December 8. We’re looking for talk proposals on any computing-related topic that excites you. We like weird things — if it brings you joy but it’s too weird or too niche for other conferences, it just might be perfect for !!Con West. The only requirement is that there must be at least one exclamation point in the title of your talk!

Why you should come to UC Santa Cruz to do LSD research

It’s Ph.D. application season! A few months back, Paulette Koronkevich wrote a guide to applying to programming languages grad school that included the sentence, “PL labs usually have a nice website which lists everyone who is participating in PL-related research, which is very helpful.” We don’t yet have such a website here at UCSC, despite a growing group of faculty and students who are participating in PL-related research — so here’s a blog post as a stop-gap measure.

Apply to PLMW

The Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop, or PLMW, is a one-day event that’s held on the day before the main conference program starts at the four major SIGPLAN conferences (POPL, PLDI, SPLASH, and ICFP). It has a scholarship program that funds students to travel to and attend the entire conference, and it is specifically designed to welcome new and aspiring researchers to the conference and help inspire them to pursue (or continue to pursue) careers in programming languages research.