What I do all day, as told to a first-year CS student

A few weeks ago, I had the fun and thought-provoking experience of being interviewed about my career by a first-year college student. Conducting an interview with someone who has a career in computing was a homework assignment for her intro CS course.

We did the interview by email, and my interviewer graciously agreed to let me post our conversation here as well. A slightly edited version follows. (In this interview, I did my best to answer the questions in a way that would be helpful and relevant to first-year college students like my interviewer and her peers; for a different audience — say, older or younger, or with more or less computing experience — I might have phrased things differently.)

The Programming Systems Lab is hiring research interns for summer 2015

The Programming Systems Lab, the group that I recently joined at Intel Labs, is hiring Ph.D. student interns for next summer!

The PSL is a group of about twenty researchers, mostly based in Santa Clara, California, just west of San Jose. The group’s charter is to invent new programming systems technologies that improve the performance and programmability of hardware. If you’re a Ph.D. student working on programming languages, compilers, runtime systems, and related hardware technologies, you might be a good fit for the lab.