I finally finished my dissertation!

Last September, after defending my dissertation, I breezily predicted that I would finish writing and turn it in “sometime in the next couple of months”. A year later, I’m happy and relieved to announce that I’ve finally finished the thing! My official graduation date is September 30.1

How to learn to do determinism proofs

A couple days ago, my advisor asked me what reading material I would suggest to a new student who wants to learn to do determinism proofs like the ones we did for LVar calculi. This is a good question! Even assuming that one knows what one means by “determinism”, I think it’s hard to come by good introductory examples of determinism proofs. If you want to know (or refresh your memory on) how, say, a standard progress-and-preservation type safety proof is set up, you can flip to chapter 8 of TAPL. But I don’t know of a similar standard resource for how a proof of determinism is set up.

A month of daily check-ins

Some time ago, in response to my asking what I should write about on this blog, Sumana suggested I write about what my typical day is like. I demurred, saying that there was no typical day. For the last month and change, though, I’ve been doing an exercise in which, each day that I’m at work, I take some notes about what I did on the previous work day and what I plan to do that day. So, here’s a month (plus a few days) of daily check-ins, and you can conclude for yourself whether there’s such a thing as a “typical” day.