About me

Lindsey Kuper

I’m a computer scientist interested in a variety of topics, including programming languages, distributed computing, concurrency, parallelism, and verification. See my academic web page or Google Scholar for a list of my publications and talks.

I received my BA in Computer Science and Music from Grinnell College in 2004, then worked in industry for a few years before starting grad school at Indiana University, where I was a member of the Programming Languages Group. During the summers of 2011 and 2012, I had a lot of fun helping bring the Rust programming language to its first several releases as an intern at Mozilla Research. Starting in 2013, I joined the residency program at the Recurse Center. In 2014, I co-founded !!Con, a conference about experiencing computing viscerally. In 2015, I completed my Ph.D. on LVars, and I’m now a Research Scientist in the Parallel Computing Lab at Intel Labs, where I’ve worked on the River Trail and ParallelAccelerator projects and am starting to learn about neural network verification.

I sometimes say that is a research blog, but it would be more accurate to call it a personal blog by a researcher. (And, of course, as a personal blog, it doesn’t represent the views of any of the aforementioned organizations.)

Starting points

As of March 2018, this blog has 123 posts. Here are a few favorites:

I started this blog in 2013, during my fifth year of grad school, but I had been writing about my experiences as a researcher and student on LiveJournal for quite a while before I finally started a big-kid blog. To illustrate what my background is like and what laid the groundwork for this blog, here are a few posts from those ancient times:

Thanks for reading!